An Antique Woody | New Castle, NH

I headed out to Fort Constitution in New Castle, NH in the rain a couple weeks back to investigate what I might see off the coast….I ended up not making it out of the parking lot, where I saw a freighter being escorted towards the Piscataqua River by a Moran Towing tugboat…and I also happened to see this classic “woody” wood paneled car apparently known as “The Anchor” from New Castle, NH.  I didn’t have much time otherwise I would have stopped and said hello to the group selling rain barrels or educating folks on conservation and saving Great Bay – I am not exactly sure (hopefully someone can fill me in or correct me if they have any info)…but essentially it seemed like they were good people hanging out and encouraging people to be good environmental stewards.

In any event, it was great to see such a cool and beautiful older car on the seacoast.

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