There Will Soon Be A Mrs. Daily Portsmouth

I am very happy to announce to everyone that I spent a wonderful day in New York City on Friday with an amazing & lovely woman, Ms. Stephanie Cortes – out on assignment to capture some photos of the city.  I’m even more happy to announce that Ms. Stephanie Cortes will soon be Mrs. Stephanie Cohen….or as I’ve joked, Mrs. Daily Portsmouth!!

When we travel – we tend to do a cute & memorable photo like this in iconic places.  Without getting too far into the story, let’s just say it was a perfect day for a walk around the city to do some shooting…and a wonderful day for a great surprise.  Having grown up in/around NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge was a particularly special place for Steph – and one where we hadn’t done a shot yet.  We had done a test shot, that I pretended not to like and made her come review before suggesting taking another one.  In this photo (the second attempt), she had absolutely no idea what I was doing as her eyes were closed….I had her come back to check out the photo on the camera’s screen when she spotted something out of the ordinary….the rest is history.

12 thoughts on “There Will Soon Be A Mrs. Daily Portsmouth

  1. Hi Phil,
    We don’t know each other but I went to high school with Stephanie. I went to your blog from Facebook and I absolutely LOVE your engagement story – it couldn’t be cuter! And, I myself just married a Phil, so I have a soft spot for boys name Phil :). Congrats on your engagement and I wish you and Stephanie a very long happy and healthy life together.


  2. I love this! What an awesomely wonderful way to propose! *And* you have a great photo to remember it by. So cool. 🙂 I’m very excited to be a part of the making of Mrs. Daily Portsmouth!

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