A Summer Evening on the Water

Time has been of the essence recently, and I haven’t been able to stray off my usual path too much.  Thankfully, we’ve had some very interesting weather to spice up some familiar scenes.  Tonight, on my way home, the sky was pretty overcast and though I wanted to snap off a few shots – I didn’t find too much that was really getting me in the zone.  I have a few ideas that I’ll come back to in the next week or so, but I thought it would be  a loss for the evening and I’d go to some older material…

Well – on my way back to the car, mother nature must have felt generous because the sun started to peek through a crack in the clouds, making the Bow Street rowhouses glow along with the tugboats on the waterfront.  This was taken from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruises dock next to The Oar House….one of my favorite places to shoot.  I love all of the variety that summer evenings have to offer, with the extra daylight and the intense clouds/storms that come with the change in New England weather.

2 thoughts on “A Summer Evening on the Water

  1. I love your works! I’d like to make my 28′ boat available to you to shoot from some wonderful summer evening. You can, in effect, reverse angle some of your favorite shots! Let me know if you are interested. Go to http://www.o2creativeenergy.com and get my e-mail.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Many thanks for your note – I would love to take you up on the offer. Perhaps we can touch base in late July or in August to connect? My work schedule is fairly busy right now and I don’t have enough free evenings to get out and enjoy shooting too far out of town. I greatly appreciate the feedback and the opportunity! Best, Phil

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