The Hill | Portsmouth's North End

As I wrote the other day in a recent post – a neighborhood known as The Hill is located at the crest of the hill between Deer Street and Hanover Street.  I’ve always loved the rich colors of the bricks and the historic homes…which always go quite nicely with a bright blue sky.  The Hill represents some of the only original residential architecture left in this section of town, and many of the homes were actually transported to this spot as part of the urban renewal efforts in the 60s/70s from other locations throughout the North End as part of the Vaughan Street Urban Renewal Project (photos of the documented urban renewal process can be viewed at The Athenaeum Library).

3 thoughts on “The Hill | Portsmouth's North End

  1. Great picture. I forget how nice it is in that area now that the hotels smother it. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  2. Thank you for sharing the nice shot of The Hill. In fact, many of the buildings located at what is now The Hill were moved from other parts of the North End during the Vaughan Street Urban Renewal Project during the 1970s not from the South End. Most buildings located in the North End were destroyed. Primary sources (including real estate appraisals done for urban renewal) are preserved in the Special Collections room of the Portsmouth Public Library. The Portsmouth Athenaeum holds photographs made of the North End during the urban renewal process.

    1. Thank you Paige – I’ve made corrections to today’s post stating where the homes came from. Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing the update! I wasn’t positive so I left it as “I believe”, I’m thankful for the historical experts in town who I was hoping would set me straight 🙂

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