At Deer & Market Street

The corner of Deer Street & Market Street must be one of the busiest intersections in town – right up there with Congress & Market and Congress/Middle/Islington/Maplewood.  It’s a great place to stand and watch cars travel into/out of town (although it’s not always the best spot to drive or to try and cross the street).

I love this spot – as the street narrows down as you follow the white line and head up Market Street into the heart of downtown, you feel like you’re arriving somewhere.  I love the curve of the road and how the commerce of Deer Street meets the old architecture of the building to the left with its stepped roofline, and how directly to my left (from where this photo was taken), is the entrance to Granite State Minerals where trucks carry sand & salt throughout New England during the winter.

The city’s newly rebuilt pumphouse that stands at the corner of the streets (center frame) is even pretty fancy, with the beautiful granite “Welcome To Portsmouth” sign.

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