The Little Harbor Chapel

If you’ve ever walked/run/driven to the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion on Little Harbor Road in Portsmouth, you’ve driven past this little chapel that’s hidden off to the side of the road in the woods.  The Little Harbor Chapel is one of the most charming little places I’ve ever seen, a magical little spot tucked away off any main drag.  It’s a pretty wooded area around the structure, so it’s tough to get far enough away to capture the entire structure in the frame – so as I strolled around, I decided it would be cool to frame it with the walkway for the leading lines to the building.


You may have noticed that the column at the far right now features an advertisement for B&H Photo.  If you’re a photographer, you know that this is one of the most reputable suppliers of all things photography.  Their headquarters in New York is simply mind boggling – with incredibly helpful and friendly staff, and overhead conveyor belts to ensure that your product makes it from wherever it is located within the store up to the front for checkout in a seamless way.

I have partnered with B&H, so that any sales made on their website through clicking that link will go towards funding my future photography efforts.  If you’re contemplating buying something new, I’d highly recommend you think about buying from B&H – and I would of course be greatly appreciative if you click through any of the B&H links or banner here at The Daily Portsmouth.  Thanks as always for visiting!

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