Freighter in the Rain

The afternoon this shot was taken happened to be one of those perfectly timed opportune moments.  I had just filled up on gas over on Islington Street and was heading towards the Congress/Middle/Islington/Maplewood intersection and happened to see the bridge span lifted all the way to the top (a rare occasion in the summer, particularly as high as it was).

I decided that instead of heading directly home, I ought to head up State Street towards Prescott Park to see if there might be some interesting nautical traffic.  I happened to be in luck, and this massive beauty was just approaching the Memorial Bridge…and this girl must have been as interested in catching a glimpse of the boat as I was – since she ran all the way to the end of the pier to watch and enjoy the view.  The umbrella with the cloud cover along with the bright ship made for a beautiful shot.  Here’s another version below with an antique processing/feel – which do you like better?

An Evening at the Wentworth-Coolidge

The seacoast experienced a gorgeous sunset on Thursday evening.  After an event in New Castle at the Wentworth Marina – I was joined by another local photographer, Ron Risman of  We decided to head over to the sprawling Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion property on the back channel in Portsmouth…and despite the ridiculous mosquitoes that wanted us to pack it in for the night, we enjoyed some lush colors in the sky and some moonlight.

The shot above features the large yellow structure as it sits along the waterfront with some awesome summer hues.  The shot below was taken directly opposite from the sunset shot a bit later on – and features the gorgeous moonlight reflected on the water, with a little bit of jetty to spice it up.

For the camera techies out there – the shot above was a 5-exposure series (-2 to +2)…and the moonlight shot below was a 3-exposure set of brackets (-2 to +2).

At the Wentworth Marina

It’s that time of year when everyone loves being in the Seacoast.  The Wentworth Marina in New Castle is no exception, and the water is packed with all types of boats.  This was the first time I’d ever made my way down to the docks below the Latitudes restaurant that belongs to the upscale waterfront hotel…and I was blown away at how fancy everything felt, even though I had expected it to be of the highest quality.  The setting was surreal, though the lighting wasn’t the best…but I was happy to come away with this shot and a few others that will make their way to the site over the next couple weeks.

South Mill Pond

Here is a little taste of the South Mill Pond as seen in the late afternoon/early evening.  I’ve always adored the little house & building right on the water here across from Sanders Fish Market.  I’d never crept down onto the rocks until this afternoon – and it gave me a much better view of the water as it streamed into the South Mill Pond from the Back Channel as the tide was coming in.

The blurred water is the product of a long exposure….which was due to the use of the neutral density filter to darken the lens…which also lends a warmer feel to the image with all of the sunlight that was allowed into the camera’s sensor during the shot.

North Church Clocktower

The Clocktower of the North Church is a beautifully restored piece of architecture, serving as the beacon of Portsmouth from throughout the seacoast.  I was happy to catch some rich sunlight on Saturday evening after coming in from an afternoon harbor cruise that I wrote about earlier this week.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of seeing the canvas prints at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital…and hope it’s the same for you all.  I just wanted to provide a sense of scale for the project…below is a shot of me at the installation, which I was able to share with my family this weekend for the first time.  The staff at the front desk was very cool and kind in letting us just hang out for a bit.  Great place, great people.

A Very Proud Artist

The Portsmouth Farmer's Market

The Portsmouth Farmer’s Market is a great destination on a hot Saturday morning in the heart of the summer season.  We visited and strolled around, picking some great veggies for a Sunday BBQ out on the grill (a very hot one…)…had some great lemonade and tried some delicious maple syrup from Sugarmomma’s Maple Farm.  I’d never heard of a hot maple syrup, nevermind actually tasting one, so when I had the chance to sample – I was pleasantly surprised and even used it as a marinade on some chicken for the bbq.  Delicious indeed.

I love this shot of all the rich wood colors and the natural goodness of the veggies….and I’m happy we took the time out of a busy Saturday to stop over.

A Portsmouth Harbor Cruise

Setting Out


This has been an awesome weekend, spent with family (and soon to be family!) in some glorious weather here on the seacoast.  On Saturday night my fiance and I decided to treat our parents to a harbor cruise out on the Heritage for the evening before grabbing dinner in town.  It was a gorgeous evening filled with some quality evening light and some beautiful coastal shots.  There’s not much in the world like taking a summer cruise up the Piscataqua.  Here’s a sampling of what we saw on the trip…(no HDRs because of the moving platform of the boat…so nothing too eye-popping, but lovely shots nonetheless). Enjoy!Whaleback Light