Fort Stark | New Castle, NH

I was out riding my road bike over the weekend, and decided to visit a couple streets that I hadn’t been on in a few years.  I meandered down Wild Rose Lane in New Castle after spotting the sign for Fort Stark, saying it was open for the afternoon.  I decided to investigate….the fort played a fairly critical role in the Seacoast’s military history through the wars of the 20th century….and the “Ordnance Machine Shop” seen in the photo above featured a cool map with lights depicting various guns at the forts in NH/ME/MA from Cape Ann in Rockport, MA all the way north to Biddeford, ME…including how far their various weapons could fire out into the ocean to deter enemies.

Pretty darn cool to see some of the working history of the New England seacoast. One of the coolest parts was the gun propped in the middle of the Machine Shop that had formerly been fixed onto one of the cement columns overlooking the harbor at Fort Stark.

One thought on “Fort Stark | New Castle, NH

  1. Thanks for advertising our museum at Fort Stark, which is open from 12-4 every Sat. during the summer, and for your nice comments. Your pictures are gorgeous.

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