The Chair | Strawbery Banke

The historic part of town known as Strawbery Banke, or formerly known as Puddle Dock, is chock full of historic homes and vibrant colors.  I had the great fortune to enjoy a stroll with fellow photographers Brian Matiash and Doug Levy around town, and we spent some time meandering through the gardens and old homes….more time than I’d spent in the area in a while.

It was refreshing to see things a bit differently and take the time to enjoy my surroundings – rather than trying to rush to the perfect spot to catch a sunset.  Sometimes it’s important to slow down and enjoy the things around you – and in this case, the gorgeous light on all of the buildings and grounds that we’re lucky to have so close to our downtown.

3 thoughts on “The Chair | Strawbery Banke

  1. Love this view of Strawberry Banke, it’s really intimate and makes the museum feel comfortable and familiar. Great perspective!

    1. Thanks Doug! It’s a bit more “whimsical” than it might have actually been, but glad we took the time to stroll through Strawbery Banke…awesome light and interest comps outside my normal routes. Glad you could make the trip and shoot!

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