Friday Night in Market Square

I’ve been amazed this summer with the amount of people out and about on Portsmouth’s streets in the evenings (maybe it’s because we didn’t have much of a summer last year…). This past Friday night I found myself with some unexpected free time, so I headed out armed with my tripod and hoped to capture some of the energy of the evening.  I’ve featured a previous version of this shot, but it was completely void of people.  This time around it seemed appropriate to leave the various strolling, shopping, driving, chatting people in the shot.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which will include more details about this Friday’s upcoming opening that I’m thrilled to be a part of.  Please come by and say hello, and be sure to bring your friends!

One thought on “Friday Night in Market Square

  1. Your photos are fabulous! As former residents of the area, we so enjoy cruising through the photos and will probably soon decide to purchase.

    Have you ever considered photographing the church in Newington? It was built in 1712 and has many unique features. We were married there 60 years ago this Sept. and our first home was in Atlantic Heights. Your pictures of the Heights are of particular interest. As a former contractor in the area, many of the iron work pieces featured on Ceres St. were done by my husband. Thank you for making your photos available on line

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