Rooftops on Bow Street

And today: something a little different.  I’ll get back to some lovely seascape landscapes on Thursday…but I thought I’d mix things up a bit today.  These are the rooftops of some of the condos located on the riverbank of the Piscataqua, next to Harbor Place…as seen from the rooftop perch above the Ale House Inn.

The scene was recently drenched by thunderstorms and ominous skies….so you can se the still wet bricks down below.  I instantly loved this scene – although it was a bit precarious to attempt to capture it with my camera, as it required some leaning out over the building (don’t worry, I was kept safe by a wrought iron fence).  The symmetry plus the incredible distance down to the ground and the interesting rooftop scene that is rarely seen all made for interesting elements to this shot.  I think it’s funny how the heating/air conditioning units on the top of the building appear to be bigger than the front doors down below.

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