Market Street Salt Piles

Market Street received a recent facelift when the sidewalks were torn up and replaced with new brick walkways and period lighting.  I must say, despite however expensive it must have been, it’s a nice classy look for that section of town.  The salt piles look as rustic as even along with the mural of the US Coast Guard Eagle adorning the entrance to Granite State Minerals, but the walkways are looking sharp and will be well lit during evenings from now on.  Hopefully the new design will help curb the queueing up of the massive salt trucks along Market Street on cold winter mornings.

Also – be sure to check out the new “Exhibits” tab listed above the header!  I hope to use this as a guide to where you can see a display of my work in person…as long as there are exhibits to share with those interested throughout the Seacoast.

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