Tugboats at Dusk

The instantly recognizable Moran Towing Tugboats resting at dusk.  The workhorses sit patiently waiting for the inclement weather to return, when the freighter traffic picks up steam.  I’ve seen them escorting a ship here and there…but the waterfront has been pretty quiet in terms of working waterfront traffic (and usually is during the summer season).  Be sure to check the large version of this one out by clicking on the photo.

For the first time in a very long time, I find myself with a backlog of images I’ve edited that I’m really happy with. Usually I’m scrambling to come up with a good shot from a recent shoot, only hours before the next post is due for publishing here on the site.  I’m thrilled to have a few days worth ahead of time to share with everyone – and I’m hoping it will allow me more creative flexibility in covering some new territory in the next couple weeks to shoot. I’ll also have some unique NYC shots to share from a trip this weekend that included a city lights harbor cruise and a stop in the madness of Times Square at midnight on Saturday night.  For those of you who are Mad Men fans out there – I also snapped a shot of the Time & Life building, which is where the new Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce agency is located this season.  I could spend hours wandering the city & shooting the skyscrapers & streetscapes.

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