Balcony & Founder's Lobby | The Music Hall

In another visit to The Music Hall, I wanted to be sure to capture the pure grandeur of the historic theatre.  Inside the theatre itself – there is rich color and eye candy to be seen everywhere.  From the reds and natural wood color of the seats and the stairwells to the soft pastels of the wonderfully restored turn of the century painted ceiling, to the gilding and the gorgeous proscenium.  It’s a perfect setting for entertainment of all kinds, from live music to high quality films (or film festivals including the upcoming Telluride By The Sea or the 10th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival), to internationally recognized speakers and writers.

The Founder’s Lobby (as seen below) is a very cool place as well, very avant garde and very rich in color and unlike any other room you’ll come across in Portsmouth.  I’ll let the room speak for itself….and share more details in the future.  The room definitely commands a presence…and the minute details at every corner add to the interestingness of the place. 


One thought on “Balcony & Founder's Lobby | The Music Hall

  1. It’s about time Philip!!
    I have been wondering when you would shoot the Music Hall. I’ve been inside several times, but only once since they redid it. It is absolutely beautiful in there and I love the Retro look. I have dreamed many times of shooting in there but have never got around to calling to see if they would let me. I am assuming you set a time with them to take these wonderful shots since there are no people in them. I really LOVE the fonders lobby. Such beautiful colors. If you ever get the chance, i would be interested in how you went about getting this shot. Great work Philip!!

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