In the Blockhouse | Fort McClary

Fort McClary was one of the military’s defensive fortifications (primarily throughout the 19th century) along the Atlantic Coastline, and is located in Kittery Point on the Maine side of the Piscataqua River.  The site is gorgeously located at the top of a hill, now overlooking a marina of some sort – creating a serene waterfront view.

I decided to venture up into the cool blockhouse that was built in the 1880s (and has since been renovated) before heading up to Fort Foster for sunset.  The blockhouse is pretty awesome, and I stumbled upon this beauty of a scene…with the cannon mounted in the window (and coincidentally aimed directly at a peaceful sailboat).  Loved the visit here… and got some beautiful shots that might make an appearance here at The Daily Portsmouth.  Thanks for visiting and Happy September!

12 thoughts on “In the Blockhouse | Fort McClary

  1. Casey – what’s your point here? What’s your argument?

    Is it because Phil uses HDR as a technique to represent the scene as how he saw it?

    So, stop being a troll trying to gain attention and humor us.

    1. Haha, Mark, I’m happy to have earned the mantle – I will put it up on the About page as part of my bio. I always strived to be the best at something, and could only hope for the #1 spot in the world (of the living)….little did I know I’d be the #1 Worst Photographer! Cheers to that

  2. Hi Philip,
    Another stunning photograph !!!
    I don’t believe there is a marina to the left/dead ahead; it’s just a bunch of (private?) moorings, and many of the vessels are reached via dingy from the “Town Dock” in back of Capt. Simeon’s restaurant. Of course, I could be wrong.

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