Moran Towing | Tugboats of Portsmouth

I think that everyone deserves a regular taste of the Portsmouth Tugboats (especially those of you great folks from far away that don’t get to drive past them each day).  I typically shoot the scene in a landscape frame….but I wanted to feature a vertical shot of everyone’s favorite tugs.  Thanks to Moran Towing for keeping the towing business alive and well in our tricky Piscataqua River…I’ve noticed a huge uptick in the frequency of freighters coming into town over the past few weeks.  This is a sure sign that fall is upon us….the sand & salt piles will continue to grow…and that the snow will fly again (despite our best efforts to forget winter each year).

Also, below is a shot of the Martingale Wharf project as seen from the waterfront.  It’s not until you get out on the water side of Bow Street and view the building head on, that you can fully appreciate how much the waterfront is changing.

2 thoughts on “Moran Towing | Tugboats of Portsmouth

  1. I cannot wait until the Martingale Wharf building is finished, it is a pox on the face of the Portsmouth waterfront. It is already 2 years behind its original schedule with completion nowhere in site. I sometimes doubt that it will ever be finished, but if it is, I hope that you will go back and retake some of your pictures of this portion of the waterfront.

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