Out on the Porch

There’s not much that says New England like a welcoming front porch.  With these adirondack chairs in place flanking the front door, this looks like it’s probably one of the most relaxing places to sit with a morning coffee and a newspaper.  I loved the scene as it caught my eye while driving through New Castle the other day…and though it would be a perfect subject to share.  The real challenge is whether you can identify the property…pretty easily recognizable from a different angle, which I’ll feature at some point down the road.  In the meantime, welcome to the porch!

2 thoughts on “Out on the Porch

  1. Can I guess? Piscataqua Cafe…I don’t recall I’ve ever seen more than the side of it with the sign, but it looks like it could be sitting over the water like the Cafe does…

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