Scarecrows of the Port 2010

Happy Halloween to all!  Today we’re featuring my favorite Scarecrow of the Port situated atop Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe (one of my favorite spots in Portsmouth for a great meal). Each year businesses around the city are invited to get creative and put up a scarecrow in October to get a bit festive once the fall has rolled around.  I thought this one was great…sitting at the light at Middle/Congress Street last month it caught my eye…it took me a while to realize it was probably for Halloween.  I love how the dude is fishing and caught Jumpin’ Jay’s fish sign…while his buddy is getting chomped by a monster fish.

On a more somber note, I thought I’d share with everyone a video I quickly put together recently after learning my Grandmother’s beloved family home in Connecticut would be sold.  I shot this footage earlier this year during June while my family was all gathered in West Hartford.  It’s a bit eerie and appropriately spooky for a Halloween post.  Shot on my Canon 5d Mark II and a few wide angle lenses.  I hope you enjoy.

At The Red Door

One of Portsmouth’s hidden night spots is The Red Door.  Many of you know what I’m talking about – and others probably have no idea (just as I didn’t back in the day).  The Red Door gets it namesake very simply from its entrance – a red door on State Street, right next to Dos Amigos.  When I’ve ventured up, it’s always been an interesting night – usually including a fancy cocktail of some sort and/or a beer.  I’m not ashamed to say that one of my favorites is the espresso martini (as a coffee addict it’s right up my alley).  The place has a definitively laid back feel and lounge style seating with its comfy couches. They have both live music and DJs hosting depending on the night of the week – stop up sometime to check it out.

Waterfront Reflections

I’ve always been drawn to the waterfront.  Today features two different bodies of water in New England…the image above was taken from the Oyster River and looks out towards Little Bay (the body of water leading into the much discussed and troubled Great Bay).  The image below was snapped moments after the sun retreated behind a private pond in remote northern Maine. Very different scenes with immense beauty (in my mind at least).

Dusk on Pleasant Street

There’s something about a vertical streetscape shot that just does it for me.  The tall frame seems to fit nicely on the layout of the website, so I thought it would be appropriate to follow up on the straight on shot of Brazo on Pleasant Street from last week with a vertical one.  I love the little alcoves that welcome people into the building, and they make for an interesting flow through the frame.  In the next couple days I’ll be mixing it up with some shots from the archives as I plot out my next evening venture.

Market Street Fog

With the changing temperatures this week came some thick fog on Tuesday evening.  I snapped this shot on Market Street next to 100 Market as I was enjoying the foggy streetscape and the lamps marking the sidewalks when a car presented itself.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year, when daylight is fleeting and the opportunities to shoot sunset are basically gone for months.  It’s a nice challenge to force myself out of the house…and it’s always nice when there’s some nice atmospheric conditions like warm weather and fog to make it a more enjoyable evening.

Thanks for visiting…stay tuned for an exciting announcement before the end of the week!

At Wagon Hill | Durham, NH

Driving along Route 4 in Durham, NH you’re likely to see one of the town’s landmarks….a wagon situated atop the hill of the appropriately named Wagon Hill Farm.  I’ve always loved the decidedly New England feel to the landscape and wanted to see what I could capture with the Zeiss 50mm Hasselblad lens.  It creates rich textures and soft silky backgrounds….neither of which are too exaggerated here, but I’ll feature more shots that came out well from the quick visit.