Wires | Market Street

Another new lens arrived on the scene this week.  It’s somewhat of a freak of nature according to most people who have seen it in person….a vintage chrome Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 50mm lens….it certainly doesn’t look at home on the Canon 5d Mark II.  It’s completely manual focus and forces me to think more about each shot.  I’m still in the testing phase, and it’s still not as wide as I’d like it to be – but I decided to head over to the Market Street rowhouses on a cloudy afternoon to see how it handled the bright and varied colors of the building, and also the sharpness, etc.

I like this shot as it captures the feel of the streetscape and also happened to capture a few shoppers doing their thing on an otherwise quiet Market Street.  I’m also blown away every time I stop to realize just how many power lines still hang over our streets downtown (with all of the other infrastructure improvements we’ve had over the past few years).  What do you think of the textures and the new lens?  I’ll post what it looks like in the next day or two.  Thanks for checking in.

One thought on “Wires | Market Street

  1. Can you use that neutral density filter with the new lens? With a shallow depth of field, the manual focus could get interesting. And I can’t stand all the wires on the poles downtown. We’re paying for brick sidewalks when we have all of those wires in the air? I’ll never understand it. Anyway, thanks for all the great pictures.

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