Brazo Restaurant

It’s no secret that I work very close to the intersection at State and Pleasant Street.  I don’t spend too much time wandering this area during the warmer months, as I tend to roam a bit further and head towards the waterfront….but these days when light retreats quickly and the temperatures are a bit cooler, I tend to walk a little closer to the car and drive further out.  I decided to see what the new lens would do on a nearby favorite restaurant of mine, Brazo.  As far as photography goes, I love the evening light on the building and the interesting archways along with the colorful signage.  The contrast of the bright blue Marple & James building next door and the brick mansion behind it adds to the depth and character of the shot.

I’ve had several great meals at Brazo – and while I definitely can’t afford to include it as a regular spot, I always look forward to returning.  Rumor has it that the band that plays on Latin night (on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month) is fantastic and worth making the trip.  I’ll have to investigate at some point -but in the meantime I hope you enjoy today’s post.

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