An Ode to Summer

A misty evening at the beach in Rye, New Hampshire.  This was taken the night before a hurricane was due to hit late in the summer this year…which ended up being a bit of rain and wind.  Trying something new here with the borders.

5 thoughts on “An Ode to Summer

  1. Phil, you are too gracious. Some comments are meant to be ignored.
    Personally, I like the top and bottom borders (wonder how it would look half the width on the top?), and the title bar adds distinction. Not sure about the vignetting on the sides – I’d have to see it both ways to decide if it darkens the image too much. That’s my two cents, which may not be of any value – I like playing around with new presentations as well, and applaud you for trying it in a public forum! Nice job.

    1. Janet – thank you for the wise words. Next time I’ll play around with different weighting of the image. I was going for the perfect square crop as I’m eager to receive the film I ordered yesterday so I can shoot with my uncle’s old Hasselblad (square format). Vignetting was heavy as I was shooting wide open to freeze things at a medium ISO….will play around with it, thanks for the feedback 🙂 Always great to get some motivation from an excellent photographer!

  2. I wonder if Sarah is a designer? I agree with Janet’s comments. The only thing I would tweak is making your name a little bit smaller and moving the text down slightly.

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