A Penhallow Street Evening

Recently I’ve been writing about the changes that Portsmouth has seen over the past year or so. If you look carefully, you’ll note that this scene was shot during the holiday season, with a wreath hanging over the entrance to The Dolphin Striker…and if you look more closely, you’ll note that the Martingale Wharf building is still a hollow shell – meaning this was shot last year.  This December…the holiday wreaths are back up on the lightposts throughout the downtown, but the Martingale Wharf is unrecognizable from its former self, now with a fresh brick facade and an angular position on Bow Street with a sweeping view of the Piscataqua.

One thought on “A Penhallow Street Evening

  1. Did you make it to the tree lighting and/or parade? Very festive! We need a shot of the beautiful tree of Market Sq.

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