Sand | Granite State Minerals

The Sand & Salt Piles that line Portsmouth’s working waterfront are owned and operated by Granite State Minerals.  As I’ve written time and time again, I love this time of year…not so much for the colder temperatures (which make for cold fingers out shooting, especially at night), but for the increased river traffic.  This past week, the Atlantic Majesty returned to unload some massive amounts of sand.  Today’s shots feature the fascinating dump of sand from the crane…I never get sick of seeing the sand fall out so quickly, watching gravity take hold of the materials.  Below, the sand pile grows over the wall on Market Street.

In other news – be sure to check out the new header at the top of the site!  I decided I needed an image with a little more clarity to welcome visitors the Portsmouth’s waterfront.  Here the Bow Street waterfront can be seen from the sidewalk of the Memorial Bridge.

3 thoughts on “Sand | Granite State Minerals

  1. A few years ago a “left-coaster” was visiting. She remarked on the wonderful panorama she had seen downtown and wondered who had done it. She had to show me where it was as I drew a blank. It was the side of a salt pile with its different layers and it did look like a painted panorama.

  2. Phil, I absolutely love the first image of the open bucket. Good catch! On another note, welcome to the world of Zeiss – they are superb. Love mine; can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

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