Looking Back | Looking Forward

Two Thousand and Ten was an amazing year.  At every turn it seemed like there was another adventure, another opportunity, or another milestone to celebrate.  I got engaged to a wonderful woman.  I was part of two events at The Music Hall that celebrated photography, with one event dedicated to over 700 of my images of life in and around Portsmouth.  I placed my first prints in a gallery.  I reached more than of 500 posts.  I was commissioned.  I had an image featured as the banner for the 10th annual New Hampshire Film Festival and met some awesome people.  The Portsmouth Regional Hospital installed over 100 square feet of my canvas prints in their gorgeous new atrium.  I saw countless gorgeous sunsets, and even caught a few sunrises. So much cool stuff.

I captured incredible moments of my life, which I’m incredibly thankful to have experienced.  I wouldn’t be able to write this post if it wasn’t for so many of the amazing people who have found their way to the website and shared their kind words and feedback, and to so many more who offer support in every aspect of my life.  It was an amazing year…and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Two Thousand and Eleven.

This post features several of my favorite images from the past year….which included the Memorial Bridge drama, a bomb scare, a busy summer season, a recession, the return to construction on the Martingale Wharf building, among many many others.

5 thoughts on “Looking Back | Looking Forward

  1. You point out places we all know, but from angles that we don’t normally see. You bring color and beauty to our little part of the world and allow others, not so fortunate as we, to share it with us from afar. We have had the pleasure of watching your work evolve over time, one picture at a time. Here’s to many more Portsmouth “dailies” to come!

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