While the Snow Flies

One of the things I love most about an intense winter storm in Portsmouth, is the weather’s ability to turn the place into a ghost town.  It’s really quite incredible how on the busiest weekends in the summer, you almost can’t walk on the sidewalks of Market Street, yet here in the midst of a winter storm, you can barely find a person unless they have a shovel.  It’s a very stark contrast…and one that made me enjoy braving the elements that much more.  I think it brings out the intrepid feeling that photographers have tucked away, the one that motivates us to get out of bed at sunrise, or climb just a little further towards the edge of a cliff, or find that unique angle that hasn’t quite been presented before.  Either way, more storm photos for all! (Be sure to check back for the next few days – I got so many photos I’m excited about during the storm that I’ll be featuring them until I run out).

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