The Life of A Wave

Sticking with trying new things….here are a couple ocean shots snapped in warmer days earlier this year during the summer.  Two interesting shots taken minutes apart…tracking the evolution of a wave.  The top shot was a fast shutter speed…while the image below was a long exposure where you can see the water retreating back into the ocean while another wave rolls towards the shoreline.

A Winter Sidewalk

There’s a new tenant moving in next door to the salt piles on Market Street.  Traditional Woodworks, Inc. Design Studio has made some nice improvements to the exterior of the building and looks to add a new dynamic to this end of the Market Street entrance as you head into town.  The snowy and very cold looking scene doesn’t do much for it, but I look forward to seeing some new commerce happening in this neck of the woods.

Reflections on the Beach

If you’ve been a regular visitor, you know that it’s rare that I feature people or animals….this particular afternoon at the beach, I couldn’t help but admire the simple beauty of the happy dog running in the sand in the ridiculously nice afternoon light.  The reflections of the water and the snow on the rooftops add a context to an otherwise typical beach scene…and something I never make the time to appreciate.  Sometimes it’s nice to make exceptions! (Be sure to check this one out in large format by clicking the image…you can see just how crisp that doggie is against the water and the blue sky/water)

Paths in Prescott Park

A peaceful scene in Prescott Park from the first blizzard of 2011…footprints lead the way from Marcy Street to the waterfront….framed by this lovely set of trees.  The Oracle House can be seen in the distance…and is currently for sale if you have $1 million or so burning a hole in your pocket.

On Great Island Common

Great Island Common in New Castle, NH is a pretty gorgeous place.  Overlooking where the Atlantic Ocean and the Piscataqua River meets, it also features the view of two perfectly New England lighthouses – Whaleback Lighthouse and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.  Today’s post features the ring buoy (which I think is funny, because I can’t imagine someone being saved by this little guy – but I’m sure that I’ll be proven wrong (or already have been)) overlooking Whaleback Lighthouse as well as a closeup of the tower.  The shot above is a handheld 3-exposure creation taken with my lovely Carl Zeiss 21mm.

At Work on The Waterfront

A front end loader gets sand/salt from the pile so it can be loaded into massive trucks for transport throughout New England.  With the fierce return of snow and ice in the past couple weeks, it will definitely go to good use…before it’s collected again at the end of the year and put to use once again.  It’s really quite incredible to see these massive mounds of minerals reduced to a sheer cliff as they are scraped away.  Another fascinating evolution that happens each winter here on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth.

Calmness Returns

After the blizzard came and went last week, the wind calmed down somewhat and the skies remained overcast…but the sense of calm after the assault of the snow and sleet was a welcomed feeling.  This lone green light at Brewster’s Bait and Tackle adds an element to the otherwise typical shot that I wouldn’t be as excited to post.  Hope you enjoy!