South End Waterfront | Wide Angle

This shot marks the first attempt at a panorama…and I thought what better place to feature than the lovely waterfront in the South End.  The little presentation here doesn’t do the scene much justice – click the photo for a larger view…the red barn on the waterfront was a nice central focal point and a nice contrast in color against the blue and yellowish afternoon sky. Definitely a neat shot and definitely needs a lot of work before it can be a knockout – just wanted to share something a bit different.  As I recall – it was a chilly afternoon, but the cool clouds in the sky made it well worth losing feeling in my fingers.

6 thoughts on “South End Waterfront | Wide Angle

  1. What kind of work does the photo need..? What do you want to change in it? I take some pictures like this ome but I don’t know what to make it better.

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