Miami Beach Hiatus

After a taste of warmth and then a fast return to the bitter cold…with plans to warm back up later this week again, I thought it would be fitting to remind everyone that in a few short months we’ll have our decks back…and will be able to enjoy some outdoor dining just like this inviting scene on Espanola Way in Miami.  I went for a walk during an otherwise quiet weekend, and wanted to explore this neat outdoor cafe section of town. It’s filled from block to block of art galleries, cafes, restaurants…and just had an overall relaxed feel.  I can’t wait until more of the snow retreats and we can spend more than a few minutes outside without having to wear gloves.

Be sure to check this one out in large form by clicking on the image to see the dashing looking waiter earning his title…waiting.


Familiar parts create a new scene…a freighter heads out to Portsmouth Harbor from its stop upriver…the Memorial Bridge is up, the Moran Towing tugboats are at work instead of at rest in their usual spot…and the Martingale Wharf is unobstructed and in plain view with its new brick skin.  A heavy vignette creates a nice dark circular frame around the image…all of which make this a shot that I totally love.  Hope you do too.

Winter Overtakes Sanders Fish Market

It has without question been a ridiculous New England winter…and this image of Sanders Fish Market on Marcy Street provides further evidence.  The pastel buildings lining the waterfront along Marcy Street are a favorite of mine…and I especially like the fact that you can stroll into the market and pick up some fresh locally caught fish.  The snow and the icicles make this frigid scene feel a bit less welcoming, but if you make the trip you won’t regret it.

The Gallery at 100 Market | The Climb to 1,000

The latest installation at The Gallery at 100 Market is now hanging through April 15th.  Do yourself a favor and go visit to see some incredible paintings, photographs, and of course – my series that I selected specifically for this show: “Above & Beyond”.  The shot above is a glimpse of the series hanging on the 3rd floor, which have been mounted in gorgeous custom cherry frames with some anti-glare glass and featuring a few of my favorite photos.

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Warm Sunrise | Cold Sunset

The shots aren’t quite polar opposites, but they are coastal opposites.  The shot above was taken on the shore of South Beach in Miami on a warm morning just as first light made its way onto the atlantic coast, probably in the high 60s…and the shot below was taken on the shore of Rye Beach late in the afternoon after a major northeastern snow storm moved past the coast (dropping fresh snow) with temperatures probably in the low teens.  What I’m sure of is the fact that the ocean is mesmerizing regardless of where you’re watching it from, with its sheer immensity laughing off my presence.

A Portrait of a Tugboat

The soft afternoon light with a cloud covered sky with some blue sky peeking through made for a lovely portrait of the Moran Towing tugboats.  For me, this was an exercise at capturing a familiar scene in a new light (literally), and trying a new take on things to keep it somewhat fresh…with a vertical approach and some rich light on the bow of the tugboat (rather than the recent shots featuring snow and blizzard conditions).

Happy Friday to all and to all a great weekend!

Night Freighter

I thought it was time to mix it up and return to some working waterfront images after all the waterfront beach shots featured recently.  With the onslaught of winter we’ve been having since 2011 arrived, I had been amazed that the sand/salt piles at Granite State Minerals shrunk as much as it did.  That meant one thing – more freighters would be in town soon…so that local trucks could come to the rescue of Public Works departments across New England.  Sure enough, upon getting back from Miami on Tuesday…I was greeted by two freighters in port.

The night shot add a dimension to the working waterfront feel for me, as we’re all used to seeing boats do their thing during the day, but it’s more rare that I stop to appreciate the fact that the cranes move through the night until all the minerals are unloaded.  Here is a glimpse of the freighter along with the Heritage (the boat I take most often for some summer weather harbor cruising).

Exeter Town Hall

Here’s a glimpse of Exeter, NH via its Town Hall located at the center of town…just as the snow flurries began to fly in January. Once again – this front porch area features a lovely light blue underside, just as the Wentworth By The Sea featured a couple months back in a shot posted from last summer.  To me, this shot wouldn’t have been the same without it.  A little flavor of a classic New England building in the heart of a perfectly New England setting.

Sunrise at The Tower

I spent some time in Florida over the weekend, so I was sure to take advantage of being close to the beach and ventured out for a sunrise shoot.  Apparently South Beach has a bit more scale than the New Hampshire beaches I’m used to visiting, as it had full size lifeguard stands just like the ones I’ve seen in Baywatch.  Here is the first of a series of “Towers”…with additional installments to follow through the next week or so.  The early morning light was casting such long and rich shadows on everything in sight, the waves even seemed like they were several inches off the ground, even though the foamy water was probably a few centimeters above the ground by the time it washed out.

Winterscape | At Water's Edge

The beach is a wonderful place.  I find it a bit more wonderful when it’s not incredibly overwhelming with hundreds of people and cars making their way through town.  This winter scene is from the waterfront at low tide with the peaceful homes on the oceanfront standing watch over the intense winter weather…and all the people when they return.