Photographers for Japan | Philip Case Cohen

First and foremost, I want to provide everyone with an opportunity to help me help Japan.  With the devastation that has stricken the island country following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe, I wanted to join with several of my photographer friends from around the world in raising funds (via print sales) to donate to the relief efforts in Japan.  Living in extremely close proximity to multiple sources of potential nuclear radiation (Seabrook Nuclear Power Station and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – nuclear submarines), I can only imagine the fear that the local residents near the plant might be living with.

For the next two weeks, any profits (100% of profits) I receive through print sales or gift card sales at or here at The Daily Portsmouth will be donated to the “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami”.  Of course, you may also donate directly to the Red Cross by visiting their donation page HERE.  If you make a purchase, I’ll send you a personal email afterwards letting you know the amount of proceeds being donated in your name. Visit fellow photographer Oliver Fluck’s website for a nice aggregation of other photographers contributing to the effort.

It would be my honor to help place artwork in your home and to help others rebuild their homes.

Living in New England, we are graced with four unique seasons each year.  It just so happens that Winter seems to stick in the minds of most residents, but it’s the change from season to season that I enjoy so much…and the shift to Spring tends to bring me a renewed energy and outlook.  Longer days, warmer weather, and the return of people to Market Square – and a sure sign of good weather is the presence of motorcycles in front of Breaking New Grounds.  In this shot, the Portsmouth Athenaeum can be seen in the distance with a couple bikes soaking up the sun in the foreground.