106 Kitchen | Penhallow Street

I have this thing lately for facades.  I love the contrast in the newer and more modern entrance for 106 Kitchen on Penhallow Street, and love that it intertwines with the bricks on the storefront as well as the sidewalk…which ends up wrapping around to Commercial Alley.  It’s also fun to see a place take roots in a location that has seen so many different eateries come and go since I’ve been here on the seacoast.  Bon Appetite!

Industrial Beauty

A very simple image of a very massive structure.  I’m endlessly fascinated by freighters, buildings, bridges, all of the incredible things that humans have created to meet their needs for daily living.  This imposing vessel travels the world carrying sand/salt to terminals, bringing with it the minerals so important to getting through a New England winter. The decks run around the structure, with ladders and buoys and red pipes all over – all of which I’m sure serve a purpose.

Distilling this down to a simple fraction of the huge craft to force myself to take a moment to think about the boat rather than its role in the waterfront and a sweeping wide-angle view is hard.  I love shooting full scenes…but in getting the zoom lens out, I think it conveys a new feeling about these ships and their roles in Portsmouth’s waterfront heritage.