Approaching Spring on the River

This long exposure of the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion carries with it the last trace of winter with a couple piles of snow adorning the grounds on the waterfront home.  With the return of warmth on Friday, and longer days, spring is definitely around the corner.  This was another experiment in seascape long exposures with the 10-stop neutral density filter. While I love the soft colors of the sky and the serenity in the scene….there’s many more colorful sunsets/sunrises waiting for exploration once I get the hang of it.  In keeping with some variety – I hope to get some interesting material up over the next few days…so stay tuned!


A portrait of a shoe store.  That description doesn’t seem to fit the visual content of the photo for me…but it’s what it is.  There isn’t anything tremendously eye catching or stunning about this photo, yet I find that I’m drawn to it.  It’s captured winter and the effects of a storm, footprints in the unshoveled sidewalk, awning blowing in the wind, water spray on the windows, a desolate street and lonely parking meter, and a grey-washed sky to pull it all together.  I love the location of the elements in the frame, and I’m happy with my composition here.  It makes an otherwise simple portrait of a store into a storytelling opportunity, courtesy of some winter weather and some glass.

Tugboats of Portsmouth

In this picturesque industrial scene, featuring the Moran Towing tugboats, I chose to process the colors in a natural and almost muted way.  I like how this compliments the historic nature of this scene…I can picture it being painted a hundred years ago with this subtle palette.  The clarity is thanks to my Carl Zeiss 21mm beauty of a lens (my first venture into “prime” lenses).  My goal of keeping the site fresh, yet continuing to feature Portsmouth’s most recognizable icons in new ways has been challenging, but I have been able to keep coming away with images of these tugs that I love and that I hope you do too.

Preparing for The End

This bridge will never fail to make me feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy about Portsmouth and the New Hampshire Seacoast.  It’s like losing a loved one…as the bridge’s days are most definitely numbered…just looking at its underbelly it becomes clear that this won’t be suited for traffic for much longer.  And, with the recent uncertainty about the funds necessary to construct its replacement, the connected downtown waterfronts of Kittery and Portsmouth could become just a memory.  Many prominent people are fighting and doing their best to make a case to Washington, but you never know. In the meantime, it’s in everyone’s best interest to enjoy this stoic memorial as much as possible (and I intend to shoot it until I can’t stand the sight of it anymore).

The Press Room

The Press Room is one of Portsmouth’s most longstanding establishments – and is unquestionably the destination for live music in Portsmouth.  The place has a phenomenal vibe, and live music every night of the week…with rustic exposed wooden beams, a cozy bar, and a friendly atmosphere. Next time you’ve got a hankering for music and a pint…head over to Daniel Street. The architect of the institution’s rich music history and culture, Bruce Pingree, was recently interviewed by Gossip Lady over at

It was trash day downtown…the recycling bins and trash cans sit out on the sidewalk after Public Works did their thing.  It brings a real tangible dynamic to the otherwise picturesque storefront.

At Water's Edge

This blue gate has appeared once before, but it makes a return today along with a brooding sky over the Rye seacoast.  I love the sea wall and the stormy sea & the presence of the home right on the coast. I’d like to welcome daylight savings and the extra hour of sunlight at the end of each day so that I can get out and enjoy scenes like this as the warm weather rolls back in!

Cupcakes Assorted | Popovers

If you’re a dessert lover, you owe it to yourself to pay Popovers a visit.  During my last stop in for a treat on the weekend…I was lucky to have the Hasselblad demo with me, capturing all of the deliciousness that’s trapped inside these cupcakes. I love the depth of field in this shot (which is straight out of the camera with no additional processing).  The quality of the camera was truly amazing, and the cupcakes looked truly tempting.  For only $1.95 you can find out for yourself…but I’m usually a sucker for a chocolate mousse cup or a chocolate covered macaroon.

Flatbread Company | Portsmouth, NH

If you’re a fan of organic food…and pizza….do yourself a favor and get to the Flatbread Company on Congress Street right now.  This great establishment has some delicious pizzas with all sorts of unique toppings…(well, more unique than your average pizza joint).  Fresh salads, good beer, and a cool atmosphere all make this a spot I don’t get to often enough…and everytime I finally get to have a meal there, I remember how much I enjoy it.  This shot is of the kitchen area where you can see the brick oven that cooks the deliciousness into each pie.

Reflections & Rooftops

Digging back once again through the archives and finding some stuff that I really like – and approaching it with a fresh eye and a different mindset on processing.  It’s brought some refreshing clean light to the homes along the waterfront in the south end in this shot from the fall of 2009.  It seems like eons ago in my photographic adventure….and I’m glad I took the time to venture back.  Hope you all enjoy…stay tuned in over the weekend for a couple fresh scenes never before featured here at The Daily Portsmouth!

Coastal Sunrise

The early morning sunlight peeks through some clouds, illuminating some freighters on the horizon in Miami Beach. This was the last bit of interestingness happening on the horizon this particular morning…after the sun climbed above the clouds, everything on the waterfront was lit with gorgeous rich sunlight…but the horizon was overly bright, so everything became a bit washed out.  Was thrilled to catch some early rays in warmer weather…looking forward to its return to us here in New Hampshire!