The Button Factory | Portsmouth, NH

The Button Factory is a rehabilitated old mill building anchoring an end of Islington Street, and home to dozens of talented artists and artisans.  The building is oozing with character inside and out – and it is definitely one of the treasures in town where the vibrancy of the art culture remains strong.

Sunset over Kittery and Portsmouth

Sunset over Portsmouth and Kittery as seen from the Memorial Bridge.  The weather cleared just in time for an incredible sunset, with some fast moving clouds over head and some beautifully intense light. Glad I got my camera back from repair just in time to catch this beauty.  More to follow, as always!

A Visit from Donald Trump & A Boston Icon

The circus that is the world of New Hampshire in the year before a primary has officially begun.  Donald Trump made a few stops throughout town after flying into Pease in the morning…and heading to a fundraiser at the 100 Club sometime after lunch.  The crowds on Hanover Street spoke volumes to the fascination we have with all that is celebrity and political.

On another note – I wanted to share an image of The Hancock in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.  I love this structure and its beautiful glassy facade that reflects all its neighbors.

A Gift from Grace

Today is a very strong image that will always have a special place in my heart.  I’ve been visiting the archives lately with my camera being in for repair…and came across the photos from this evening last spring.  It will always stand out in my mind, and will always be an amazing gift from my Grandmother Grace. Such intense sunlight and richly textured clouds to capture the incredible color.

Have a Seat | Ri Ra Portsmouth

Today’s image is the first shot in a new series – Eat & Drink | Portsmouth.  The first installation in the series is the richly colored bar of Ri Ra Portsmouth, featuring wood imported from Ireland and a cool mosaic floor and wooden barstools that all come together to create a warm atmosphere and a comfortable place to enjoy a pint.  The restaurant is probably better known for its bank vaults and gorgeous domed ceilings, which you’ve seen before and will likely see again.

ALSO – tune in to Portsmouth’s WSCA FM today at noon to hear me on the radio with Mark Miller of Seacoast Business Connection.  Head over to WSCAFM.ORG for more details or tune in to 106.1FM to hear us from 12-1pm.

Springtime at Rye Beach

Another beachfront image from the serene coast in Rye, New Hampshire (courtesy of the Hasselblad).  I love the subtle and natural tones of this shot, and the rich contrasty details – all set off nicely by the smurf-blue house with the oceanfront view.  I was going back and forth with what to post for the image today…and decided to stick with this week’s decidedly “water” theme.  I hope you enjoy – and stay tuned for some architecture and streetscape images next week.