Dawn at the Golden Gate | A San Fran Morning

I’ve wanted to visit the archives for some time, so I did so for today’s post…which features dawn at the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.  If you’ve never been to San Francisco or witnessed this beauty in person – put it on your list.  It’s amazing to travel up to the Marin Headlands to take in the rising sun as it illuminates the richly red structure and the city just beyond it on the horizon.  I’ve featured several images from past trips to the west coast destination, all of which I’ve enjoyed shooting.

6 thoughts on “Dawn at the Golden Gate | A San Fran Morning

  1. The Golden Gate is one of my favorite subjects. Been there twice but it has been a while and would love to get back there with my dslr and shoot some. This is a great shot with wonderful light and great angle.

  2. Lovely shot – I’ll be in San Francisco for work next month so plan on heading here one morning to take shots before work starts – hoping to get lucky with the weather and finding a suitable shoot location.

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