Departure | Sunset at the Memorial

Sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time.  Usually I try very hard to plot out where I’ll visit to shoot in the evenings/mornings.  I recently got back into town and was hungry for some food, so I thought I’d head to Loco Coco’s in Kittery for a good burrito…and on my way towards downtown I noticed that the Middle Bridge’s lift span was up.  This is usually a good sign for someone who likes hunting freighters/tugboats along the Piscataqua.  An even better sign was when I got to Market Street downtown I saw something beyond the Memorial Bridge that looked like a subtly lit cloud on the horizon, nice and orange with a pinkish hue – sometimes this happens when a solitary cloud is left behind with the sunset blasting it with some last minute daylight.

As I got closer, I thought I might have lucked out and caught a moonrise…I recently bought an awesome app for my iPhone – The Photographer’s Ephemeris, which basically tells you what angle the sun/moon is coming up/going down at when a location is selected.  It’s been a wonderful tool – but this time the au naturale drive without any supplementary technology rewarded me with a gorgeous humongous moonrise over the shipyard as this freighter was escorted under the Memorial by a tug.  Talk about sensory overload…hope to get more photos ready for later in the week!

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