A Visit from Donald Trump & A Boston Icon

The circus that is the world of New Hampshire in the year before a primary has officially begun.  Donald Trump made a few stops throughout town after flying into Pease in the morning…and heading to a fundraiser at the 100 Club sometime after lunch.  The crowds on Hanover Street spoke volumes to the fascination we have with all that is celebrity and political.

On another note – I wanted to share an image of The Hancock in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.  I love this structure and its beautiful glassy facade that reflects all its neighbors.

2 thoughts on “A Visit from Donald Trump & A Boston Icon

  1. The Hancock tower does reflect its neighbors which is exactly why it was designed that way. The old original John Hancock building is directly across the street, so the new JH was designed specifically to reflect the old JH. I used to work a block away and, unfortunately, this design also creates a strong wind tunnel on weathery days. The building maintenance staff used to put out a big trash barrel on rainy days so people could throw out their umbrellas after the building’s wind destroyed them!

  2. Cool shot of the JH building. Love the POV. Noting the crowd…guess we need to be thankful the royals aren’t marrying in Portsmouth. Can you imagine?

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