Great Island Common Sunset

Sometimes you can appreciate fresh air more than others.  Tonight was one of those nights where I was happy to be outside…and even more delighted when I realized that there was a pretty good chance at an interesting sunset.  The sky and the weather reports had threatened rain all day – but by the time I left the office, the cloudy sky was backlit with the sun as it tried to break through.  Needing to get out of downtown for a bit, I headed to New Castle and made a stop at Great Island Common.  It was right about then when the sky got very moody and the sun peered through the clouds just long enough for an awesome sky to appear with the late day’s golden light.  The lone tree and bench in the middle of the common made for a perfect excuse to shoot the sky.

4 thoughts on “Great Island Common Sunset

  1. I almost got married under this tree! Isn’t a lovely one, set out on its own in that corner of the Common? And you’ve really captured some beautiful light behind it. I also like that the ocean would have been behind you when you were shooting, yet the better shot was looking inland. 🙂

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