Shark Toof | Street AKA Museum

This week’s feature of the Portsmouth Museum of Art’s Street AKA Museum collaboration continues with the artist Shark Toof.  At the Harbour Place marina, Shark Toof has made quite an impression on those who’ve seen it in person…utilizing a pretty fascinating painting process along the brick walls that line the wooden dock of the marina.  I can only imagine how striking it must look from the water – especially if you’re not expecting to see it.  Looking forward to getting back once the third shark is finalized…and to sharing more of the murals around the city through the rest of the week.

8 thoughts on “Shark Toof | Street AKA Museum

  1. Now that is cool! Glad that you showed the wider version – it really gives perspective on the scale of the art as well as it how it interacts with the environment it’s in.

  2. All Brides and Grooms beware. Although Art is a wonderful part of our lives,When the owners who rent out the space at One Harbour Place fail to notify young couples that they will be enjoying not only the ambiance of Portsmouth’s brick and colonial buildings, Sail Cloth suggested event tents, and the visage of the Atlantic, they will now have to share their special day with Art better suited for the nose of one of Claire Chennault’s Flying Tiger Squadron . One Habour Place should have better business sense to make known this change in the anticipated venue appearance. One Harbour Place, Your not going to need a bigger boat, just more business sense or for that matter common sense. One disappointed Father of the Bride.

  3. This is the coolest piece of art to hit Portsmouth since the disappearing and reappearing act of the big red ant.

  4. Thanks for posting my comment! I Like the art on this wall and others , just Building owners lack of concern for informing prospective clients of changes that can have an impact on their event was un immaginable. Portsmouth is wonderful city, vibrant , Great Art offerings whether music, Plays , Painting, Dance,Sculpture , Events and goodness knows great restaurants.

    This is one major oops! not the Art just the lack of communication of the property owners.


  5. Ted– I’m so with you! I’m getting married here in three weeks and I’m so furious right now. I understand public art, I’m an artist myself, but I didn’t imagine that this would be the backdrop of my wedding, especially with the huge amount of money it cost us to rent it.

    I’m communicating with the venue now to find out how they plan to fix/compensate but it’s totally unacceptable that nobody was notified.

    Thanks for posting this, Philip– otherwise we would have showed up the day before the wedding and been a hundred times more upset.

  6. ps. It seems that the venue had nothing to do with this piece, when I called earlier they were just learning about it and starting to do damage control. It’s a public wall and a public art project. Just fyi because of your mention of the “property owners”

  7. Thanks V and Phillip,
    .Sharing Information is great, in fact it is …the main issue with the wall art’s appearance. I noted that you found that the wall was indeed public. If you don’t mind, who shared this tidbit with you. Also, if you know who approved the painting timing and indeed did they leave One Habor place out of the loop. Basically damage control could be in full force if responsible party’s just made it correct and spoke with the Brides and Grooms who were agast at the change. Responsibility would be very refreshing but so far the issue is mittigated with the old politician’s tried and true tactic of diffusion by confusion. Paraphrasing Jacky Gleason ” What they have hear is a Failure to Communicate”

    Peter Benchley was he in town recently/ Perhaps John Williams

    V did you follow link to Artist home page.

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