The Hallway

This isn’t a Portsmouth specific shot, but I was going through the archives and wanted to share something a little new.  I had some great feedback last week inquiring why I might highlight a specific shot over another here on The Daily Portsmouth.  Sometimes it’s because it features an iconic location, dramatic clouds, a timeless scene, minor details, or something that happened to catch me in a way that I knew I had to capture that moment.

This particular scene felt like a never-ending hallway (shot in a renovated old mill building), a sense of the unknown and mysterious things ahead – with the symmetry of the walls and darkness broken up by a lit pathway. You can take that metaphor in a thousand directions, but at the end of the day it was leaving the building and being struck by the feeling that had me snapping the shutter.

5 thoughts on “The Hallway

  1. Kind of like this. Despite all the color pictures that I have of yours, I am a black and white fan. This makes you wonder, if you could see all the way down there, is there an end!

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