Brazo Restaurant

I recently had the good fortune to stop in at Brazo Restaurant on Pleasant Street to shoot the warm and inviting interior.  I remember my first time walking through the arches into the restaurant, and being completely surprised by the textures and the richness of the interior, after not knowing what to expect from the short and unique building.  The food is also phenomenal, I usually go for a fish plate or the catch of the day – and I have yet to be disappointed.  I can’t nail the feeling of the place perfectly, so why not use what they’ve posted on their website:

“What if Portsmouth had fling with a Latin Lover? What if mojo filled the streets, steaming with the heat of Cuban, Spanish and Latin music? What if you could drink a caipirinha on a Tuesday night? Or Salsa with someone you’d never met?”  To top it off – they have Latin Night and dancing on the first and third Fridays of every month (with a live salsa band).  If you haven’t stopped in yet, you probably owe it to yourself to check it out.  I hope the photo is one more vote of encouragement.

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