Blue Hour at the Fish Pier

It’s been a busy week here in Portsmouth.  Well, for me at least.  So because of that – today is short and sweet, a shot of the working waterfront and its commercial fish pier as seen from Prescott Park on a warm spring evening.  Enjoy!

Welcome to the Garden

This section of Prescott Park is beautiful, and I never really take the time to come through this entrance on Marcy Street (since I’m usually walking along the waterfront).  I think the tall guardian shrubs at the entrance are a warm welcome to the lush plantings and open fields on the other side.

I also like the story they tell – it’s up to the viewer to interpret, and I’d imagine everyone might have their own tale.

Cloudscape in New Castle

This evening was one of those nights where you are thankful that you witness such incredible natural beauty.  This ridiculous cloudscape was moving around the seacoast, with some intense late afternoon light filtering through and making landscapes at every corner into capture-worthy visions.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy for most of them – but managed to capture this scene from the Wentworth Marina in New Castle.

Prescott Park

Once again, Prescott Park and its gorgeous gardens are featured today.  This tree is one of several in the incredibly lush garden tucked in the middle of the park, right off of Marcy Street near the waterfront, and each tree is equally mesmerizing.  I had always been more familiar with the flowers and other things growing over towards Peirce Island Road and the anchor overlooking the commercial fishing fleet – but ever since I first stumbled into this section of the park, I’ve been blown away.  There are also gorgeous fountains that get turned on sometime in the near future.  This little slice of earth is definitely one of my favorites.

Outside at The Brewery

In keeping with the recent theme of Portsmouth restaurants, today the Portsmouth Brewery is featured, with its little known outdoor dining area.  I simply love this outdoor space – it’s cozy, vibrant with color, and close to all of the delicious beers brewed right inside. The movement of all the people in contrast to the “SLOW” sign on the back wall gave me a bit of a laugh in looking at the shot – a reminder to sit back and relax now that the warm weather is here and we have the opportunity to enjoy these little outdoor enclaves.

Brazo Restaurant

I recently had the good fortune to stop in at Brazo Restaurant on Pleasant Street to shoot the warm and inviting interior.  I remember my first time walking through the arches into the restaurant, and being completely surprised by the textures and the richness of the interior, after not knowing what to expect from the short and unique building.  The food is also phenomenal, I usually go for a fish plate or the catch of the day – and I have yet to be disappointed.  I can’t nail the feeling of the place perfectly, so why not use what they’ve posted on their website:

“What if Portsmouth had fling with a Latin Lover? What if mojo filled the streets, steaming with the heat of Cuban, Spanish and Latin music? What if you could drink a caipirinha on a Tuesday night? Or Salsa with someone you’d never met?”  To top it off – they have Latin Night and dancing on the first and third Fridays of every month (with a live salsa band).  If you haven’t stopped in yet, you probably owe it to yourself to check it out.  I hope the photo is one more vote of encouragement.