The Wizard of Oz | Prescott Park

Prescott Park isn’t only a spacious waterfront park with gardens, piers, a view of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the commercial fishing fleet, and the Memorial Bridge, it also transforms in the summer time to a theater.  I happened to find a parking spot in the lot closest to the bridge to get dinner on Saturday night, and forgot about the play that is being put on this summer – The Wizard of Oz – until we got out of dinner and were heading home when we heard the Wicked Witch!  We strolled over to the show for the first part, and realized how much of a precious gem this section of town is – packed with families and people who enjoy the timeless story of Dorothy & Co.


One thought on “The Wizard of Oz | Prescott Park

  1. Love the perspective and the vibrant colors. I was shooting on Memorial Bridge during rehearsals a couple weeks back when they were really working “ding dong the witch is dead”. I’m sure with all the practice they made that song work.

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