A New Freighter In Town (With Wind Turbine Blades) | SAIMAAGRACHT

The latest ship to arrive at the State Pier is a sight to behold.  The Saimaagracht from Amsterdam is absolutely massive, standing much taller than anything on the bridge deck of the Middle Bridge, easily noticed from a distance as one travels up Market Street towards downtown. The ship is carrying cargo – in this case, blades for wind turbines of a large project in northern New Hampshire.  The blades themselves are ridiculously large, as shown in the image above – nearly dwarfing a massive tractor trailer.  The whole process of unloading the pieces is a bit of a spectacle, with dozens of people involved on deck and on the ground, and then with police escorts leading the blades to Pease until they reach their final destination.

The ship is so huge that it makes the little fishing boat in the left side of the frame look miniature. Check it out if you have a chance!