Sunset at Whaleback Lighthouse

As sunsets earlier and earlier each day, it becomes more important to strategize when heading out for a shoot.  I was running out of time way too quickly after going out for a run with the Mrs., but still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some of the incredible late day light.  My first thought was to head to Great Island Common for a close-up of Whaleback Lighthouse and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.  With the 100mm-400mm lens, it would be a treat to have the option to shoot a bit closer.  I decided to use a long exposure to really bring out the richness of the coastal air and the movement in the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m very pleased with the shot – a serene capture of a beautiful seacoast landmark.


BOLD Freighter in Port

BOLD arrived on the Portsmouth state pier this week, and I loved the rich blue hull.  Normally, I can’t get a good shot of something so far away…as the State Pier is a good distance from a clear viewing angle.  This time was different – as I’m fortunate to be borrowing a 100mm-40mm lens for a bit, and it is able to get a little extra distance to capture the full magnitude of the ship, and of the Piscataqua River Bridge hovering above it.


Summer in Market Square

Hurricane Irene came and went over the weekend without much significant damage inflicted in our neck of the woods.  Saturday night brought some rain showers ahead of the storm’s arrival, but that didn’t stop people from getting out to enjoy a night in Market Square.

3 Kings | Commercial Fishing Pier

Portsmouth’s Working Waterfront is full of boats of all sizes.  Mostly, I tend to feature freighters and tugboats, but let’s not forget about the fishermen who call the Commercial Fish Pier their home.  We’re lucky to have people fishing out of our port, bringing fresh catches back to our restaurants and markets daily.  Let’s hope they’re here for a long time to come.

New Hampshire Film Festival 2011

I am very happy to share that the cover art for New Hampshire Film Festival 2011 includes one of my coastal images.  Local firm Vital Design created the graphic and handles the marketing for the festival, and does a great job putting everything together for the whirlwind event each year.  

The New Hampshire Film Festival is a phenomenal event that brings a wide array of engaging, funny, thought provoking, etc. films to our gorgeous little coastal town.  The Music Hall and various other venues throughout the city dedicate the weekend to screening the selected films from the various submissions received from around the country and around the world.  Last year was my first time attending, and I thought it was crazy that we had such a community of film professionals right here in Portsmouth, as well as VIP events, panel discussions, and plenty of people looking to have some fun. I encourage everyone to catch at least one film in the Music Hall, especially if you’ve never been, and to check out a panel or two.  Looking forward to seeing this year’s list of films!

210 State Street

I’ve posted these doors before, but there’s something about their vibrant colors and lush surroundings that can stop me in my tracks on a walk from Prescott Park.  I love the way that the late day sunlight reaches this portion of State Street, and has shadowed “210” nicely from the salon inside the orange door.

Golden Sunset on the Piscataqua


A classic image of the Moran Towing tugboats on a beautiful summer afternoon. The crisp afternoon light and the clear skies paired nicely with the golden light reaching over the river towards the Memorial Bridge and the top half of the Martingale Wharf.

The Marsh | Rye Coastline

The coastline has many gorgeous nooks and crannies.  Usually I turn my attention to the short and rocky coastline for images, but I’ve been dying to get a nice shot of a marsh with a glorious sunrise or sunset behind it.  The afternoon I made it out to shoot most recently only had clouds and mist to share…so I had to make due.  I love the dark mood of the shot, still vibrant thanks to the lush greenery throughout the frame.

Waves at Great Island Common

Great Island Common is one of my favorite coastal destinations.  I went out one misty and stormy afternoon to find some waves in Rye, and after getting a few shots I was pleased with, I decided to pack it up and head home.  On my way, Great Island Common was calling out to me, so I had to swing by to check out the scene.  Whaleback light was lovely in the distance, and the waterfront was interesting with a foggy presence in the air.  Portsmouth Harbor Light was the winning shot from the afternoon, with a processing that seemed to fit the weather.


Dusk on the Waterfront | Bridges & Cranes

Another freighter has arrived to unload windmill blades at the State Pier.  After a delicious meal downtown, Steph and I decided to wander down to the new deck of the Martingale to enjoy an unobstructed view of the waterfront.  The swift moving tide made for some interesting longer exposures alongside the orange glow of the alley on Ceres Street and the blasting light of the freighter on the horizon.  I like how the cranes are nuzzled against one another from this vantage point and the cranes of the freighter are in opposite directions, and then the abutments of the Middle Bridge stand tall in the distance.  Everything comes in pairs in this one – the tugboats, the cranes, the freighter cranes, the abutments,  and the photographer.