Windmill Blades Up Close

The windmill blades arriving in Portsmouth on the Saimaagracht have been quite a topic of conversation around town.  The massive freighter had some unique cargo for the area, we’re more used to seeing sand and salt arrive on our shore.  The blades have been offloaded in what looks to be an intense logistical process, with the rest of the windmill components still being offloaded.  The pieces offloaded so far have been staged at the Pease Tradeport, and they’re a sight to behold.  A horizontal farm of long and robust blades at rest before they’re installed vertically at their home somewhere in northern New Hampshire.

2 thoughts on “Windmill Blades Up Close

  1. Any idea where they are going or who owns them? I work on Pease and we’ve been seeing these blades coming through to be stored. I’m curious if it’s something that will be appearing in and around Portsmouth.

  2. Those windmill blades are going up north to northern new hampshire for a big windmill project….

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