Sunset on The Cliffs

As I was heading home from work, in the late afternoon sunlight, I was itching to find something to shoot.  There weren’t many clouds in the sky, but the colors of the sky were gorgeous.  As I was making my way down the hill on Market Street and approaching the salt piles, I realized how perfectly and subtly the cliff of one of the piles was lit.  I immediately found a parking spot and hopped out of the car so I could capture the light. I love the resemblance ot a mountain top or a sand dune…and the fact that it’s the materials that will be keeping our roads safe in a few short months.

One thought on “Sunset on The Cliffs

  1. After moving from Portsmouth to Naters, Switzerland I often view this website for nostalgic reasons. To my surprise this photo looks very much like the white dusting the mountains are receiving from 1,200 m up here where I now live. Thanks for bridging the distance between two places I love.

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