Tugboat Barge Arrives in Portsmouth

Timing is everything.  On my way home, I wanted to see if I could get a glimpse of the sunlight poking through the clouds over the waterfront.  It wasn’t meant to be, but I decided to drive under the Memorial Bridge anyway.  It was then when I realized the sirens were going off, and the lift span was about to rise…but I couldn’t see any river traffic so I figured it was a routine lift.  After a minute or two, this vessel made its way up the river towards the bridge – so I ran onto the deck and watched as it cruised underneath, making its way further up the Piscataqua.  I decided to go with an antique look given the nature of the bridge, which has an antique feel and will soon become an ancient relic.

Trees in Prescott Park

The little section of Prescott Park where the fountains are hidden is full of vibrant flowers and wizened trees.  Each of these trees has a ridiculous amount of personality, and everytime I walk through this little nook near the waterfront I find myself checking out something new.  It’s nice to still have so much color and the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, before winter starts to take hold on the seacoast.

Lines on The Bridge

Shadows and light accentuate the lines of the walkway on the Memorial Bridge.  I’m not sure when the middle lift span will be removed and the bridge will officially meet its demise, but I’ve been sure to capitalize on all of the access that pedestrians still have.  The personality of the worn out bridge is evident under the rich blue sky.

The Scale | Granite State Minerals

A large part of the Granite State Minerals operation relies heavily on this piece of earth.  The sand/salt that is delivered and then loaded into trucks and shipped has to be weighed before it can hit the road.  I was struck by the view on my way home this afternoon, with the pastel colored sky and the size of the sand/salt piles as they grew. I didn’t feel like changing the lens I had on my camera so I ended up with this wide angle shot that  captures the view from the Market Street entrance and lens some scale to the scene.

Textures of The Waterfront

In this early morning shot of The South End from the Peirce Island Bridge, there are a few elements that make this one memorable for me.  The subtle ripples of the windswept water and the smooth and wispy clouds in the sky compliment the man made structures that anchor the waterfront.

Watching the Horizon

The Marginal Way in Ogunquit must be one of the most beautiful pulaces on the eastern seaboard.  The rocky coastline is marked by a beautiful walking path, with direct water access and a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of massive coastal homes.  I’d shot here before, although in a limited area…and I found myself shooting in a new spot this time around.  Immediately I recognized a landmark, as I’d seen beautifully captured before by my good friend Chris Lazzery – who has made some great images during his visits here.

The landmark was this massive lifeguard chair perched on the rock.  It’s very striking when captured well…I’ve got a couple more exposures of it that I like and plan to share soon.  I will definitely be back for another attempt!


Sunset on The Cliffs

As I was heading home from work, in the late afternoon sunlight, I was itching to find something to shoot.  There weren’t many clouds in the sky, but the colors of the sky were gorgeous.  As I was making my way down the hill on Market Street and approaching the salt piles, I realized how perfectly and subtly the cliff of one of the piles was lit.  I immediately found a parking spot and hopped out of the car so I could capture the light. I love the resemblance ot a mountain top or a sand dune…and the fact that it’s the materials that will be keeping our roads safe in a few short months.