11th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival

This weekend, the 11th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival has descended upon Portsmouth for four days of films, filmmaking, discussion, schmoozing, and an all around great time.  If you have time – try and catch a film at one of this year’s venues – the NHFF team and Vital Design have once again done a phenomenal job of organizing and orchestrating a ridiculous amount of talented people to produce a great event.  Check it out!

Nubble Lighthouse in the Rain

New England has some iconic lighthouses that dot its coastline.  We’re lucky here in New Hampshire to be close to many of them, including Nubble Lighthouse pictured here.  One of my favorite things to do when I have guests in town is to bring them up to Nubble Light to see the power of the ocean and watch the waves beat up on the island lighthouse and get a good taste of the New England experience. This particular afternoon was pretty dreary, but it didn’t stop us from making the trek and standing out to watch for a good long while.

Silhouettes and Light

My favorite part of this shot is the soft glow of the tugboats’ light on their maroon hull.  The long reflections of the Middle Bridge and the silhouettes of the cranes on the waterfront make this a subtle shot, and one that I think is powerful and beautiful because it doesn’t need any adjustments to bring more to the scene.

Rooflines at Sunrise

One of my favorite parts of my photographic adventures are the people I get to meet, and the places I get to shoot.  I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot sunrise from the roof of the new Residences at Portwalk project that has been in the news so much lately.  The roof of the building in the heart of the Northern Tier is uniquely positioned above Hanover Street and the city’s parking garage, with a nice clear view towards Bow Street and the Memorial Bridge.

I was greeted by a soft orange glow in the sky, about 15 minutes before the sun made it over the horizon and the rooflines. The early day light was all that was needed to give a hint of detail in the Bow Street buildings and the power lines, with the cranes of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard visible in the background. A beautiful morning and a memorable view.




Bricks on the River

Along Bow Street, the buildings have a nice flow that compliment the curve in the street and the rise in elevation.  From the water, it’s a different story  – each building makes its own statement with its boxy stature on the Piscataqua River, and each building has its own flavor of bricks. It’s neat to see them all together, and I think the buildings have a nice rhythm and static movement, as the river flows with its incredible tides right next door.


The Entrance to The Wentworth By The Sea

A warm, inviting entrance to a grand hotel.  The pavers and the covered entrance to the Wentworth By the Sea make guests feel stately and at home as they arrive to check in.  The scene takes on a different feel in the evening, more cozy than the clean and stately white lines of the architecture during the day, though it’s elegant in all settings.

A Canvas Triptych

I’m very thankful to have several opportunities for large-scale printing this year.  The largest piece that has been installed this year is the canvas shown above, which totals 11 feet wide, and is featured on the new wall of the boardroom of local law firm Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC.  We decided to feature the Memorial Bridge, which will meet its demise in the coming months as it is taken out of service this winter and the middle span is removed.  Infinite Imaging did the printing and local framer Charles Moore stretched the canvas.  Thanks to a wonderful team for bringing this larger than life piece of work into reality.

On Congress Street

The fall weather is here. After a few days of seemingly non-stop rain, the sun finally made its way into the sky. A nice orange glow reached above the buildings on lower Congress Street to touch the Popovers building, the North Church, and Breaking New Grounds in the distance. You’ll also notice that the sidewalks are a bit more empty than you’re probably used to seeing them, as people are back to school and probably spending more time inside than out.


Fiery Sunset over the Piscataqua

The saving grace to all the rain lately has been the moments after the storm when the skies have partially cleared, and the layers of clouds catch all the different angles of the sunset. Another one of nature’s lovely gifts for us photographers to enjoy!