Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Est. 1800

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a huge part of the seacoast economy.  The place employs an incredible amount of people with an equally impressive payroll that pumps money back into the local economy.  From across the Piscataqua, the Shipyard looks like a calm and empty destination. I love the industrial look and feel of the shipyard’s waterfront from Prescott Park, a study in contrast where people are free to enjoy walking around the grassy waterfront land.

'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas | (In Market Square)

Portsmouth has been busy with the holidays fast approaching – with hardly a parking space to be found. It’s been nice to see downtown so busy with people from all over shopping, eating, parking, and generally being merry.  A very Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy Chanukah & New Year  to all.  Thanks for tuning in – hope everyone enjoys some quality time with their family and friends.

Upriver with a Freighter & Tugboat

A Moran Towing tugboat escorts the Rhourd Enouss from Monrovia back towards the Atlantic Ocean.  The lighting was not great mid-day, but the view was still awesome as this massive vessel was guided by the Roderick McAllister (in from New York, NY).

Prescott Park Docks

I’m always writing about why I feature a certain image, or about the story behind it.  I thought today I’d start to try something new – what do you like about this image?  Is it a connection to the place, the view, the weather?  I’d be curious to hear what you might write if you were putting together today’s post with the above image from Prescott Park – featuring the public docks.

Congress Street | Decked out for the Holidays

I love that Portsmouth spends a lot of time and energy decorating for the holidays.  Wreaths are mounted on all the street lighting, creating appealing tunnels of light at night, and the tree in Market Square is a favorite for many – I know because every time I drive/walk past, there is someone snapping a photo.  Happy Holidays to all!

Stillness on the Water | Hummingbird

The South End reflects on the water in the distance as this boat sits at rest.  The colors of the historic homes along with the sky are vibrant yet muted. I really liked this shot because of the sense of atmosphere it lends, with the various layers in the frame.

Early Morning Light & Reflections

I love running around right after sunrise when the sun’s first blazing rays are hitting things just over the horizon. As the South End was drenched in the day’s first light – I can attest to the fact that it was every bit as peaceful as it looks.

A Freighter Profile | Maori Maiden

The Maori Maiden was a very interesting freighter, thanks to its bright green and yellow decking and baby blue exhaust tower.  Looking forward to tracking a new set of ships that will be in and out of Portsmouth through the winter months.  The salt piles are currently tall, but will wane as the winter weather begins to rear its ugly head, which can only mean more river traffic.  It’s a nice distraction during what becomes a long and cold march towards spring.