Foggy Portsmouth Waterfront

With the snowy weather of the past week and the drastic changes in temperature we’ve been having, the weather ends up giving us a few gems in terms of scenes with interesting light and dynamics. The sun was peeking out mid-day while the fog over the Middle Bridge and the downtown area was still strong.  The glassy look to the water helps make this mirrored scene a bit more interesting while the fog made sure it still had a few elements of mystery.

Ceres Street

Ceres Street is a beautiful little alleyway tucked between the Piscataqua River and Market Street, at the back of the rowhouses that line the street.  Centuries ago, the storefronts served as a way for shipping merchants to bring their goods directly into the buildings and warehouses…and now the buildings are occupied by people, retailers, restaurants, etc.  I love the brick feel and the narrow atmosphere.

Piscataqua River Fog

Winter is cold.  It’s supposed to be.  That doesn’t make it any easier, when it first arrives each year…and this year we’ve been lucky to have a very mild winter through the end of 2011.  This shot was taken on the first single-digit degree day (about 5 degrees at this point), and the air was so cold that the river was creating sea smoke.

Portsmouth Freighter Traffic | Winter 2012

One of my favorite times of year is winter, but not for the same reasons as many other New Englanders (like skiing, etc.).  Winter is one of my favorite times of year because of the increased commercial freighter traffic on our waterways…when on certain days I can be driving home for lunch, and spot massive ocean traveling ships by the pair.  In this mid afternoon shot, a freighter is docked at the Granite State Minerals terminal as well as the State terminal a bit further up river. The crystal clear blue skies are a bit of a departure from my usual moody skies and sunsets…hope you enjoy!

Farewell to the Memorial Bridge

Today at 8am, the Memorial Bridge will forever be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  I wanted to pay tribute to the bridge throughout the week with shots of the historic seacoast resident that I’ve taken in my time here in Portsmouth.  This shot was taken just yesterday late in the windy afternoon.

This Old House

I wanted to give a little glimpse of the soon to be new HQ of The Daily Portsmouth.  This old Atlantic Heights home had original wallpaper and walking into the home was like stepping in to a time warp.  Stay tuned for more updates in the next few months.  I love Portsmouth because so many areas have such historic homes with fascinating backgrounds. The rich color of the wallpaper and floors together with some careful framing convey an interesting mood, complete with the random light from the unseen window behind the camera.