The Great Cove Boat Club

With its spectacular riverfront location, the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine is choc full of places to moor a boat. I found this great vantage point to see the Great Cove Boat Club on Spinney Creek in Maine.  A nice long exposure blurs the lightning fast movement of the Piscataqua River at the end of the day.

Day's End at Harbour Place

One of my favorite vantage points to shoot from on a late summer evening was the walkway of the Memorial Bridge.  This long exposure provides a glimpse of a couple minutes of the last day’s light as the sun sinks on the horizon behind Harbour Place.

The Tugboat & The Bridge

A slightly new take on a familiar scene. I’ve been trying to learn a few new tricks to keep things fresh, and this is one of my first attempts at the new look.  Details are heightened, and all of this is from a single exposure – a change from the bracketed sequence that I use more often.  Subtle yet still punchy. Any image with the Moran Towing tugboats is good in my book – and a little glimpse of the bridge completes the scene.

Great Island Common & The Memorial Bridge

The departure of the Memorial Bridge was fun to watch, and certainly a once in a lifetime endeavor.  I still can’t get over how funny it seemed to watch a 2 million pound lift span floating out towards the ocean, past Whaleback Lighthouse and the other Seacoast landmarks along the way.  I wanted to also be sure to capture some interesting scenes beside the span itself floating away – and this shot from Great Island Common was one that I loved the composition of once I got home to review my shots.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Art Around Town at Kennedy Gallery, March 2nd

I’m excited to announce that on Friday, March 2nd, I will be having a show at The Kennedy Gallery on Market Street (across from the Portsmouth Brewery/at the corner of Commercial Alley)!  This has been a very fun project to work on, as I haven’t had a show in quite some time due to the full schedule I’ve had in the past year.  My wife and I started the process of editing a ridiculous amount of images down to the ones that would make the cut for the show – as you can see in the photo above. 

The show will feature scenes from the New Hampshire and Maine seacoasts, with some of my favorite shots.  This will be the first time that nearly all of the shots have been in a show, with a few special images of the Memorial Bridge to commemorate its deconstruction.  I hope to see you there!

Memorial Bridge Lift Span Heads Out to Sea

The Memorial Bridge Lift span has officially left the building (well, the seacoast…)!  A stroke of pure timing had me heading down State Street in time to notice a helicopter overhead, and a crowd of people heading towards the waterfront.  I decided to investigate – and was rewarded with the scene above.  The lift span heading out towards Portsmouth Harbor.

I also decided to head to New Castle so I could see the bridge float past the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse on the coast, and also past Whaleback out in the harbor.  It’s nice to finally have closure on this portion of the project, and not worry about missing timeframes and capturing big moments.  I’ve got a few more images featuring the Naval Prison and a better closeup of Whaleback – but until then, enjoy today’s images.  Be sure to click them to see them large!